Miss Quincy’s 
Outstanding Teen

Kira Eidson

Age: 15

Education: Payson Seymour High School

Platform Issue: Make an Impact

Scholastic Ambition: Attend a four year college or university majoring in print journalism

Scholastic Honors:High Honor Role; First rank in class; Grade level advancement in English and math; Selection in my school’s gifted program; 2012 Payson Representative of the IESA Scholar Attitude Award; Two year class vice president

Career Ambition: Become a print journalist for a magazine and become successful as a fiction novelist

Favorite place to visit: Arizona to see my sister and nephew!

Favorite wardrobe accessory: My cross necklace from my family

One thing I can't live without: My sisters and our adventures together!

Something I'd like to try out of character: I would love to climb to the top of a water tower and just look at the view! Unfortunately it's illegal, such a bummer!

Platform Statement

“Make an Impact”

Making an impact is something that all of us truly desire to do, and through my year of reign as Miss Quincy's Outstanding Teen, I want to promote positive and inspiring ways to make an impact in the way that they enjoy. Through my year, I am going to expand my own impact through service and opportunities to volunteer, but also will promote the idea that you can do great things, too. You can make your own impact in whichever way you desire. Whether public relations, humane animal care, education, or athletics are the issues close to your heart, that is where you can start carving your path, and I want to help you find that. The Miss Quincy Scholarship Program is a representative for scholarship, style, success, and service. I will promote both this title and my platform, through all of these points, accentuating service. By the end of my year as Miss Quincy's Outstanding Teen, I hope that our impact can spread for miles, and positive strides for this world can be made because of us.

Competition Requirements
A Teen can compete at 12 years old at the local level, but must be 13 years old by the State Pageant
Maximum age is 17
A resident of Adams, Brown, Schuyler, Pike, or Hancock county for 6 months prior to pageant date
U.S. Citizen
$100 Entry Fee
Full list of requirements can be found on the Miss Illinois Website (insert http://missillinois.org/teen/become-a-contestant/)

 Contestants will be judged on the following criteria:
Private Interview (35%)
Evening Wear (15%)
Talent (35%)
Lifestyle and Fitness Wear (10%)
On-Stage Question (5%)

If you are interested in receiving more information about becoming a contestant in the Miss Quincy’s Outstanding Teen Pageant contact us!http://www.missillinois.org/teen/become_contestant.htmlhttp://missillinois.org/teen/become-a-contestant/shapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1
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